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Madhya Pradesh is the Gastronomic Capital of India

The Delicacies of Madhya Pradesh

Taste comes a close second to sight in making your experience of any place stay with you for times to come. Food forms a compelling part of a regions identity, and the local flavors of Madhya Pradesh not only give you a taste of the best of their local produce but also succulent recipes handed down by the erstwhile royal families of the state.
As a state with a rich Mughlai tradition, meat dishes are extremely popular in Madhya Pradesh. Kebabs with rice is just one of the innumerable treats.
In keeping with its rich and varied cultural history, Madhya Pradesh has kept the vibrancy in it’s cuisine too. Boasting a huge variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as sweet foods, the eclectic variety of food in the towns and cities of the state and chants even the most demanding palate.
For daily meals, wheat, jowar and maize rotis is served with a lentil dish (arhar dal ) is the staple fare. The simple steamed rice is given an interesting twist by frying with it peas, carrots and nuts, famous as Pilaf rice. The state is the birthplace of Palak Puri ( Puris with Spinach ), now prepared in the households across the country.

A staple food for Madhya Pradesh – Indori Poha ( fluffy spicy flattened rice usually garnished with sev ) is a must try on the streets of Indore.
Palak Puri originated in Madhya Pradesh, but is now a popular dish across India. It is made from wheat flour, and contains spinach and spices. It is best enjoyed with mango chutney or chilli pickle.
Nargisi Kofta is a delicious treat of boiled eggs stuffed in minced meat.
Rogan Josh and Murg Musallam were popularized in India by the Mughals. While the former is a curry lamb dish accompanied by naan or rice, Murg Musallam serves as a heavily spiced chicken starter.
Tangdi Kebab is an immensely popular dish. Grilled chicken legs with a coating of rich spices and, sometimes, gram flour or garnished with mint or coriander leaves, the dish serves as a succulent appetizer.
While Dahi Puris ( light puris with curd-based stuffing’s ) make for a flavorful snack, Bafla- steamed wheat cakes dunked in pure ghee – are an essential part of the states culinary expertise.
In additional to seasonal changes that influence food habits here, the migration of people from all over the country over the years has also had an impact. The amalgamation of varied cultures is directly reflected in the food for instance, the traditional Malwa food of Northern Madhya Pradesh combines the goodness of Gujarat and Rajasthan’s cuisines. While northern Madhya Pradesh has its delicacies mainly made of wheat and meat, the southern and eastern parts have more of rice and fish as their staple food.
Though the influence of other cultures is evident in the cuisine, the state has managed to give some of its dishes a unique distinctiveness and has its own list of not-to-be-missed sumptuous offerings. First on the list would be Bafla – steamed wheat cakes tucked in pure ghee with an equally rich spicy lentil preparation. Replace your every day Daal- – Roti combo with the taste of Madhya Pradesh. For those who need a fresh hot snack for sudden hunger pangs, Bhutte ki Kees – corn and milk preparation is the dish to look for.
Shami Kebab and Seekh Kebab are signature dishes in many South Asian cuisines. They are made of ground meat – usually lamb or mutton held together with chickpeas and egg and flavored with a variety of spices. They can be eaten with mint or coriander chutney.
For health – food seekers, Chakki ki Shaak (steamed white dough served with curd ) is the closest you can get to healthy . Chaat lovers too, can have a ball with Dahi Bhalla, Raj Kachori, Aloo Chokha and Samosa Chat.
If all things non-vegetarian excite your palate, the state has a huge variety of dishes – Rogan Josh ( aromatic lamb dish ), Korma ( curried meat ), Seekh Kebab – ( minced mutton appetizer ), Shami Kebar ( meat patty ) and Biriyani – ( rice slowly cooked in meat and spices ) that can make a single helping simply impossible.
And the feast with extremely unique varieties of deserts such as Mawa Bati, Shrikhand, Khopra Pak, Malpua, Kusli, Rasmalai, Rabdi and Jalebi. For beverages, take a glass of Lassi or sugar cane juice. The more adventurous can try the local alcoholic beverages such as Date Palm Toddy or Sulfi distilled from the flowers of the Mahua tree.
Bhopal’s cusine has a strong muslim influence as well as adoptions from the Marwari culinary cultures. Non-vegetarian lovers can have a gala treat here with rich food prepared in an array of spices and seasonings. Do not miss the mutton dish Achari Gosht to experience the royal nature of the city. A street named Chattori Gali in old Bhopal offers traditional Muslim dishes such as Paya soup, Bun kebab, Nalli Nihari, etc. Do not leave the city without having the exotic Bhopali Paan, believed to aid digestion after the heavy treats.
Indore, the street food capital of India is a city that comes to life as the sun goes down. It’s offers a wide range of delicacies prepared from milk, and famous streets such as the Saraffa and Chappan Dukan are a havan for snack lovers. Chhapan Dukan is a major food junction where one can savour the famous Poha Jalebi’s, Bhutte ki Kees, Almond Milk and Shikhanji. Sev, Dhania Chivda, Dal Moth, Papadi, Gathiya, Kachori, Dahi Vada and Patties beckon as take-away snacks.
While a sumptuous serving of biryani will make for a filling lunch, chaat lovers can feast on the crispy and tangy Raj Kachori as an evening snack.

The Heritage city of Gwalior encompasses one of the richest cuisines of India. With kitchens dominated by grains such as wheat and soya, vegetarian dishes such as Paneer Pilaf, Samosa, Kachori, Poha and Parathas are highly recommended. Non-veg lovers can opt for the Godoroo meat stew – a combination of Mughlai and Persian food. Gwalior is also popular for its sweets such as the crunchy Gajak and Anjeer ( dried fig ) and Khus Khus ( poppy seeds ) rolls.
Jabalpur’s rich, spicy and creamy dishes are influenced by its British history and its neighboring states. Khopra Pak, Chicken Samosa and Sabudana Khichri are popular delicacies here, in addition to Malpua and Khoye ki Jalebi.

The mention of Madhya Pradesh’s cuisine is incomplete without the Royal Sailana food. Sailana owes its culture culture to Raja Sir Dilip Singji who collected thousands of authentic recipes from the places he travel to. A large number of these recipes were printed in the immensely popular book “Cooking Delights of the Maharajas” by Digvijaya Singh.

One state and a million experiences. Travel to the exquisite land of Madhya Pradesh to savoir culinary delights – an experience known to linger in mouths and minds forever
Shrikhand, Malpua and Jalebi are popular Indian deserts, enjoyed throughout the country. The recipes vary across different regions, and the desserts may be presented with a variety of garnishes and accompaniments depending on cultural preferences.

When in Madhya Pradesh, do not miss the “Malpua”.
So next when you are at Madhya Pradesh, do not miss the exotic food recipes of Madhya Pradesh

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