Madhya Pradesh is known to be the land of splendid wonders that are found within its numerous states. A tourist will never run out of choices if he/she decides for a Madhya Pradesh tour because the state is naturally blessed with picturesque places that abound in stunning natural physical beauties, extraordinary fauna and amazing flora.

One such place that particularly worths your visit and deserves attention is the small town of Shivpuri. Located 120 km away from the historic city of Gwalior, is more than just a picturesque place. The place is surrounded by undulating hills, healthy vegetation and spectacular wildlife; along with all these, there are some marvelous architecture that makes Shivpuri a must-visit place in Madhya Pradesh if you are looking for the perfect holiday destination in India.

How will I reach there?

Road journey is an inevitable mode of travelling to the city of Shivpuri. You can take a flight to Gwalior or hop on to the train and reach the nearest Jhansi or Gwalior railway station.

The road journey to Shivpuri is an enjoyable moment. It is a treat for the eyes when you sit by the window with the breeze striking against your face while you view the beautiful gorges, plateau and the hills. You will never be bored to see the ample greenery that abounds here with a stream or two here and there. And if it is during the monsoon season that you contact your travel agency in Madhya Pradesh for a tour to this place, be ready to awe yourself with the fresh and alluring scenery that you will see.

What is the most famous place to visit here?

Madhav National Park forms the must-visit place in Shivpuri. This park remains open throughout the year; the terrain of this area is a beautiful mixture of grassland, hills, forests and lakes. The main attraction of this park is obviously wildlife and some birds also. Some of the most easily sighted animals are the Indian gazelle, chital and the delicate chinkara. Deer is the prevailing species in this park; you might also be enthralled to spot the nilgai or the langur. Apart from these extraordinary animals, you can also see leopards, black bucks, four-horned antelope and other animals.

What are the other special attractions of Madhav National Park?

Chandpata, an artificial lake is also located in this park. Surprisingly, this lake is home for various species of birds like white breasted kingfishers, migratory geese and others. Make sure you carry your pair of binoculars so that you can catch a glimpse of these exotic species distinctly!

There is also a small and spouting waterfall in this park and it is the perfect place for your children to enjoy themselves and have some fun!

What are the interesting facts about Shivpuri?

Shivpuri is not only rich in terms of natural beauty and wildlife but also bears a strong imprint of the past. The place is vital evidence against various historical events. For instance: the chhatris or cenotaphs of the Scindia rulers are located very close to the park. Then there is the Madhav Vilas Palace, the summer palace of the Scindias. The palace has a rose-pink hue and is renowned for its iron columns, Ganpati mandap, marble floors, and the likes. Visiting the Sakhya Sagar Boat Club is a must if you are travelling with your children; you can see some reptiles like python, monitor lizards and crocodiles while enjoying the boat ride.

To make your trip memorable, don’t forget to go to the famous shopping destinations and purchase the specialties of this region, Chanderi and Maheshwari silk. Also if you are a food lover, trying out the local delicacies like kebabs, mawa-bati and sweet malpua is mandatory.