Climate & Best Time to visit Shivpuri

In Shivpuri, the climate is warm and mild winter months witnesses infrequent rains as compared to the hot summer months. Koppen and Geiger classified Shivpuri as a CSA ( Mediterranean climate ).
The average annual temperature is 24.6° C and the average rainfall is 863 mm. April witnesses the driest spell of the year. The precipitation drops drastically in July, averaging 292 mm.
May is recorded as the warmest month with an average of 33.7° C. The mercury falls drastically in January with an average of 15.4° C. Shivpuri maintains a comfortable annual average temperature of 18.3° C.
It is not advised to plan a trip to Shivpuri in peak summers ( May – June ) as the temperature soars and it is very uncomfortable to remain in the open for a long period of time. The rains are steady and does not support a tourist.
However, winters are very pleasant and the weather is cool and dry. The period between October – March is recommended to a tourist as the best time to visit Shivpuri.