Climate & Best time to visit Gwalior

Gwalior, located in the extreme north of Madhya Pradesh faces subtropical climate both in summer and winter. Rains are restricted for the monsoon months of July & August only. By virue of the north western winds, Gwalior witnesses a pleasant weather from October till March, making this the ideal time to visit Gwalior.
Gwalior is extremely hot and humid in summers. The temperature can soar upto 47° C and a trip to Gwalior is not advisable during these hot summer months.

Although winters are extremely chilly and the mercury falls down to 1-2° C, still it is the best time to visit Gwalior as one can spend the entire day for sightseeings.
The geographical location of Gwalior characterizes it to bee in the rainshadow zone of India thereby Gwalior receives modest rains with an average of several 700 mm per annum. Although a downpour could be deterring for sightseengs, still a tourist can prefer this season as the view from the forts are panoramic.

The months of December is highly recommended as the four day Tansen Music Festival is conducted during this period, usually in the last week of December and is an preferred time to visit Gwalior for the connoisseur of Indian classical music. Pre booking is advised.

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