13 Aug

After months of scorching heat, the first drops of rain is like a blessing in Madhya Pradesh. A state that is known for its panoramic beauty, a state that prides on its picturesque setting becomes all the more amazing during monsoons. The rain-soaked grounds and the luscious greenery is nothing short of imitating a scene …

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spiritual tourism
7 Aug

Madhya Pradesh for long has been a favourite of travellers. The picturesque background of the state combined with its quaint charm adds to its enigmatic setting. The numerous destinations cater to various types of tourists. Be it the extravagant wildlife found in the different national parks or the exquisite structures in Khajuraho and Amarkantak, travellers …

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madhya pradesh travel package
7 Jun

Madhya Pradesh, the heart of Central India, is a popular tourist destination known for amazing places of tourist attraction like Mandu, Khajuraho and many temples, forts, palaces, etc. The magnificent temples, forts and places of historical importance in Madhya Pradesh showcase Indian architectural wonders whereby Khajuraho is famous for erotic and intricate carvings. Madhya Pradesh …

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