E-Exhibition on Bhimbetka Rock Art

Stone art has always held a special fascination for the art aficionados.


Keeping this in view, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS) has put together Rock Art – A Shared Heritage – a longweek exhibition that is being streamed online on various social media platforms.


Hence, the idea of a Rock Art Exhibition was conceived by IGRMS.


Rock paintings, also called Petroglyphs in archeology. Due to their simplicity, beauty, variety and diversity, they attract a vast range of audience as they allow you to converse with your past. Composed in various stages of pre-historic period from stone to metal, these paintings are diverse in subject matter, pattern, material, colour and purpose and convey the message of university in diversity.

In the introduction gallery of IGRMS, photographs, some fiber cast models of rock art, stone tools and scull cap replica have been displayed. The online visitors are also taken on a virtual tour of 10 caves, where they can get up close with rock paintings of Mesolithic age, mainly of which are 2500 years old.