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Orchha is a historical ancient town, frozen in time and is nothing short of a fairytale.

To relish this grandeur, we recommend staying in the Sheesh Mahal, located opposite Ramraja Mandir and is  run by MP Tourism. This a palace turned into a hotel and is the best heritage property MP Tourism can boast of.

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Blissful Royalty

Explore Orchha

A trip to Orchha fills you with old glory and magnificency of the Bundelas and leaves one nostalgic and revitalized. Orchha has so much to do right from the magnificent forts, royal palaces, enchanting temples, the glorious chhatris offering a panoramic landscape and activities like kayaking and rafting on the Betwa river, bird watching in the nature trail and the trip to the Orchha sanctuary.

The solitude and serenity of Orchha is immensely multiplied for a tourist as it conveniently lies on the tourism circuit Delhi, Agra, Khajuraho, Jhansi and Gwalior.

A population of around 10 lakhs makes Orchha less crowdy even in the peak season. Orchha offers multiple verticals of tourism like spiritual, historic and nature.

Hiring a local rickshaw or tuktuk is adventures. Do not miss a brunch at Didis café, recommended menu is lemon forte and banlofeetart, porridge and freshly brewed coffee.

Orchha inherits great local craftsman. Handmade paper, paper artifacts, metal crafts are recommended as souvenirs.The local language is Bundelkhandi, a first cousin of hindi but English is manageably understood by most concerned with tourism.

Apart from visit to the historic monuments, a highly recommended activity for the adventurous type are rafting and kayaking on the Betwa. This activity is discontinued during the monsoon season.This is primarily conducted by MP Tourism and off late by few private operators.

The lifeline of Bundelkhand and Orchha is the Betwa, flows right within the Vindhyas and submerges with the Yamuna. Wide banks, intermittent rapids and tranquil flow makes rafting and kayaking an adventure by keeping the newbees in lieu with the sports.

Gradually flowing with the river, amongst the greenery and the Chhatri’s, the view offers in distinguished pleasure to one and all.

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