Situated in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is a precious gem of the state for many reasons. It is also called “Queen of Satpura”( Satpura ki Rani) and is believed to have an old association with the epic, ‘Mahabharatha’. The word ‘Pachmarhi’ can be divided into ‘panch’(five) & ‘mari’(caves) which recalls the legend that these caves were built by the Pandava brothers of Mahabharatha during their thirteen years of exile. In 2009, Pachmarhi was declared as a part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as it is a home to various species of flora & fauna.

Pachmarhi has a lot of tourist attractions; if you are planning to visit this wonderful place, select the Pachmarhi tour package from your reliable travel agency and set out!

Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Pachmarhi that you should know:


1. Climate- The climate in Pachmarhi is very comfortable as it is generally warm and temperate. The summer months have much more rainfall when compared to winter. May is the hottest month with an average temperature of 30-degree Celsius while December is the coldest month with an average temperature of 15-degree Celsius.

2. Dhupgarh– Pachmarhi is popular for its sunrise and sunset viewpoints and the exact location from where you can view these is Dhupgarh, the highest point of Satpura
ranges at 1352m. You can reach this place by road or by trekking. At daytime, the place offers mesmerizing beauty with its lush green fields while at night, you can
see the lights of the neighbouring towns, twinkling like stars.

3. Chauragarh- This place is basically known as a pilgrimage site and also has Lord Shiva’s temple at the top. It is also the third highest peak and has a Chauragarh fort built by one of the kings of the Gond dynasty.

4. Bee hills and Bee fall- This is one of the most enigmatic waterfalls in Pachmarhi. The name is such because the waterfall sounds like a bee when heard from a distance. Here the water of a perennial stream tumble down 35 meters 7 is surely a spectacular view for all those who are nature lovers. When the water falls from a great height, the Fall looks like melting silver.

5. Duchess fall- Apart from the Bee falls, the Duchess fall is also a spectacular waterfall that you must see if you visit Pachmarhi. Although the road to reach this waterfall is very steep, it is worth taking the pains to reach here. It is also known as Jalawataran and lies in the lap of the grand Satpura range. You can call this place a paradise when you witness the water gushing down the hills and birds chirping away throughout the day.

6. Jatashankar and Mahadev caves- These are actually mountain caves with water dripping from them naturally. One can actually see the origin of a river, how the mountains feed the streams with fresh water and the water the mountain absorb during Autumn.

7. Apsara Vihar- Being a mountain stream, it creates a beautiful natural water pool. Gradually it descends down in a majestic way to form a spectacular waterfall in its course.

Conclusion- Pachmarhi does have numerous interesting facts that can attract you to visit this place at the earliest. Apart from these 7 facts, there are many more places in
Pachmarhi that will amaze you with its natural beauty.