Pachmarhi, a hill station blanketed in lush greenery, is the sole hill station of the famous state of India, Madhya Pradesh. With a rich historical background, numerous heritage sites & dense forests, Pachmarhi is a jewel to the crown of India. Moreover, the place has been recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and so the place is an asset to Madhya Pradesh tourism. Pachmarhi also boasts of having one of the highest waterfalls in India & ancient caves that belonged to the Mahabharata characters, Pandavas. The place is in the lap of Satpura Range of Forests that has a wide variety of trees.

Let us look into some of the favourite tourist spots that make the place a must-visit place.


1. Rajat Prapat (Big Fall)- This 106 m high waterfall forms the highest waterfall of Pachmarhi. It is a pretty waterfall that cascades straight into the gorge in the form of a narrow yet breathtaking silver streak. This waterfall surely has a magical appearance that will amaze you.

2. Bee Fall- It is not so high as the previous one; but at 35m high, this waterfall looks no less beautiful. Also known as Jamuna Falls, it is one of the best tourist attractions in Pachmarhi. This waterfall offers a picturesque view to the tourists & thus forms a popular sightseeing place. It is also a source of drinking water for the locals.

3. Pandav caves- These are 5 rock-cut temples inside the town of Pachmarhi. This place has stories as well as history attached to them; it is said that the caves were inhabited by the Buddhist monks. However, the locals believe that the caves existed even when the exiled Pandavas took refuge in them. The caves are simple but attractive and have uncomplicated carvings. One of the caves even has an echoing effect and one thing that is worth noticing here is the caves are devoted to the Buddhist god of wealth, Kubera.

4. Bada Mahadev- It is a cave temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a 60m long cave that is believed to be the place where Lord Vishnu took a celestial form to kill the demon, Bhasmasur. This temple is also the oldest & is regarded as a sacred pilgrimage place in Madhya Pradesh.

5. Gupt Mahadev- A short distance away from Baba Mahadev Temple is Gupt Mahadev shrine. This one is also a cave temple and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. However, the cave here is narrower and is 40 m long. One has to enter sideways to the cave and that too one person at a time. A flashlight is required if one wants to explore this cave temple.

6. Chauragarh- This is also a temple that is located at an altitude of 1330m & you can reach here only by trekking 3.6 km up the hill. You will also have to be adapted to climbing stairs as you will have to climb 1000+ steps to reach the main temple. On top of the peak is the temple that has an area where numerous Trishuls are erected and it looks magnificent. On the whole, you can select the Pachmarhi tour package from a trusted travelling agency & reach this wonderful place to witness the spectacular beauty.

Conclusion- The list of spectacular places make Pachmarhi a must-visit place in Madhya Pradesh.