Madhya Pradesh is undoubtedly a country that has abundant archaeological structures, numerous monuments, forts & handicrafts. Apart from the natural beauty that abounds this place, one can also find various flora & fauna. Moreover, you may have heard about the famous places to visit like the National Parks, Bee Falls, Orcha, Khajuraho, Ujjain & others, but have you heard that the state also has many unexplored places? There’s something special about going to these unexplored locations that few travellers venture to. Madhya Pradesh has a few secret places where you can enjoy the fascinating landscapes and witness our rich history.

Let us look at some of these unexplored places of this state that will surely surprise you:


1. Amarkantak- This is a stunning destination in the state that is located at the junction of Vindhya & Satpura forests. It is not only a popular hill station but also a pilgrimage place & has an excellent ambience to do meditation. You can visit the nearby villages to have a look at the tribal culture & their rituals.

2. Asirgarh Fort, Burhanpur- This is an Indian fortress that is located in the Satpura range, 20 km from north Burhanpur district. Historically, it was built by the emperor Asa Ahir from the Ahir dynasty & covers more than 60 acres of the total area. You can also find two different religions co-existing side by side, in other words, there is both a mosque & a Lord Shiva temple & you must see this place for this. Come & explore the beauty of the once prestigious monument by selecting a suitable MP tour package.

3. Patalkot- Located in the Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh, this place is believed to have a mythological reference. It is to be believed that Prince Meghnath, the son of Ravana, has gone to Patal-Lok through this place only, after worshipping Lord Shiva. This place is also renowned for the medicinal uses of the local flora & you can interact with the Gond & Bharia tribes after visiting here.

4. Deogarh- If you want to see the beauty of rural MP, visit Deogarh. Situated in the Lalitpur hills, Deogarh was once upon a time a fortified city & form an important specimen of Jain architecture. You must visit Dashavatara Temple, buy Chanderi sarees & go for a picnic at the Matatila Dam if you visit this place even once.

5. Tikamgarh- This small yet significant town is famed for its majestic fort. This place had been found by the Bundela ruler Rudra Pratap Singh & one was a part of the Orchha kingdom. Garh Kundar Fort is a must-visit area if you happen to be in Tikamgarh as it is surrounded by pleasant forests & hills.

6. Narwar Fort- This fort is a historical fort situated at the top of a hill in Shivpuri district. Rajput in style, the architecture of the fort has flat ceilings and multifold arches. As you walk through the fort, you can see the walls of the palace decorated with glass beads and vibrant paint.

Conclusion- Thus Madhya Pradesh has many unexplored places that must be explored to unravel the true glory of India.