Has the charm of Madhya Pradesh drawn you towards the Heartland of India? The national parks, the brilliant architectural monuments, the slice of history that is sure to greet you from every alleyway that is tucked away into discreet pockets of the land, away from prying eyes as well as the cultural programmes that are an exclusive speciality of the state are parts of what make a complete, glorious whole that is Madhya Pradesh.

While planning your itinerary for the state make sure it is filled with all the general attractions that are renowned in the state like the famous spiritual and architectural sites, the national park safaris in Satpura, Bandhavgarh and Kanha and the places where you can simply unwind and relax. However, there are a plenty of places to see and things to do that often miss the travellers’ eye amidst the glorious glitz and glamour of the popular places.

Here’s having a look at those places that you can visit and the experiences that you can have if you do your research well and if the travel services you have enlisted the help of are willing to customise the entire trip for you.

1. Have A Look At The Dhurries

There is no dearth of craftsmanship and skill that can be found in the lanes of Madhya Pradesh. Local handicrafts and products here are a pleasure to sift through especially carpets, bamboo artefacts, folk paintings and dhurries. Visit the stores in Bhopal and Indore if these dhurries have caught your eye and acquire them at reasonable rates.

2. The Era Of Bundela

The bygone era of the Bundelas is quite evident in the picturesque town of Orchha. The town is resplendent with magnificent structures and architectural splendour ideal for those who feel the need to get transported back in time. The Palki Mahal, the Sawan Bhado Pillars,  Raja Ram Mandir  and more are some of the places that you can visit if you are planning to extend your stay.

3. Cave Paintings Of The Prehistoric Era

The caves of Bhimbetka have been rewarded the status of a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. These caves that are a natural creation have been providing shelters to the cavemen for years who have in turn sketched and painted all over the cave walls. Take a look at these surreal works of art and feel yourself transported way back in time.

4. A Cruise Through Bhind

Architecture, history and photography enthusiasts can find quite the pleasure during their visit to Bhind. The Fort of Gohad, Ater Fort, Mata Renuka Temple and the Naraddev Temple are some of the important points of interest in this not too popular piece of land in Madhya Pradesh

5. Use A Boat To Traverse Through National Parks

The Panna and Satpura National Park Safari are famous for the opportunity they provide in spotting an abundance of Royal Bengal Tigers. Spread across 540 square kilometres, the park at Panna is home to a plethora of exotic species. Take a boat ride with the permission of the Park authorities and add an edge to your experience.

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