Madhya Pradesh is also known as the second largest state in India. Popularly, it is also called “The Heart of Incredible India” due to its geographical location. The state abundantly thrives in the tourism sector, with people from diverse cultures & countries, visiting the state all throughout the year. The state is blessed with a plethora of flora & fauna as well as a rich history that is expressed in terms of historical monuments & architecture. The tourists are exposed to wildlife, heritage, spiritual & also leisure dimensions.

On visiting Madhya Pradesh, you can feel your adrenaline rushing at the moment when the tiger comes & stands in front of you when you are on a wild safari trip or you can sense the panic when you hear the alarm calls of spotted deer & monkeys. On the other hand, you can relive the glorious past when you witness the glory & magnificence of Khajuraho & Orchha & there many more reasons to plan for a trip to this beautiful state by selecting the appropriate Madhya Pradesh tourism packages.

Let us look into some of the popular reasons why Madhya Pradesh is a must-visit state in India:


1. A land of tigers- Madhya Pradesh is undoubtedly known for its numerous national parks that house all kinds of endangered species, starting from tigers. If you plan for a safari trip in the Satpura Tiger Reserve, you can see these mighty creatures in abundance, roaming here & there. Here you can find more than 40 tigers but unfortunately, not always can you see them. The Tigers come out into the open mostly during the summer months when they love to stay in close contact with water. Tiger sighting is definitely the number one reason to visit the state.

2. Rich in natural beauty- Madhya Pradesh has many natural attractions that are simply spectacular. The Pachmarhi reserve is listed as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, only because of its rich flora & fauna. After Panchmarhi, there are the Rajat Prapat waterfalls that are also known as one of the highest waterfalls in India. From Dhoopgarh, you can view the surrounding Satpura & Maikal ranges that will surely be a treat for your eyes; and last but not the least, the sunrise at Madhai, is simply amazing. You can see the sun rising above the forest & painting the sky with bright colours gradually.

3. The sculptures of Khajuraho- In Khajuraho, this group of temples that were built during the Chandela dynasty is bound to make you appreciate the fantastic sculpture work. This place is also called the epitome of Indian art, it consists of 22 temples made up of intricate carvings & fine erotic sculpture art. The temples are further categorised into western, southern & eastern groups. Popular tourist attractions over here include Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshman Temple, Vishwanath Temple, Parsvanath Temple & many more.

4. Orchha- If there is anything that can enhance the beauty of Madhya Pradesh, it is Orchha, a royal town in the state. It is a miniature & beautiful town with intricate structures & reminds of the Bundela era. The town is also far away from the hubbub of the city as it is less populated. Some of the popular tourist attractions here are Orchha Fort, Jahangir Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, Raja Ram Temple, Raja Mahal & many more.

5. Kanha National Park- One of the major tourist attractions, this wildlife reserve houses rich flora & fauna. It mainly preserves Barasingas(Swamp Deer) from becoming extinct. Also, you can frequently sight tigers, Black bucks & peacocks.

Conclusion- Visiting Madhya Pradesh is surely a dream come true for any individual & truly defines India as the land of wonders.