Regarded as one of the most popular national parks in India, Bandhavgarh National Park is a place of beauty, tranquility and exotic animals! It is located in the Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh and is spread over a huge area. Hosting the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, this national park has over the years treated visitors with views of majestic tigers, in their full glory. The natural habitat of the park serves as the perfect place for flora and fauna to thrive.

While Bandhavgarh National Park has become synonymous with tigers, there is a wide range of other activities that you can undertake when in the park. Here is a list of five things to do when in the reserve to create memories for a lifetime.

Jeep Safari to Experience the Wildlife

The best way to experience the park and the wildlife habitat is to go on a jeep safari. It is just too fun to miss. If you are a wildlife enthusiast who wants to capture astonishing moments, the safari is all you will ever need. The jeep safaris run in two shifts daily with a duration of 4 hours each. The first shift starts early in the morning, whereas the second shift begins late in the afternoon. Each jeep accommodates only 6 people, so make sure you get the booking is done in advance. The Bandhavgarh national park is divided into four zones namely Tala, Magadhi, Khitauli, and Panpatha. The visitors have to show identity cards to get an entry into the park.

Spotting the Tigers

Chakradhara is a place in Bandhavgarh park which has gained a reputation for being the best spot for tiger sighting. This meadow is surrounded by dense hills that provide the ideal place for tigers to reside in. This is the place where you can find a high density of tigers. Each of the wild cats has been given individual names like Bheema, Chandini, Kankati, Sukhipatia, Dotty, Krishna, Bamera, Marchaini and Rajbhra. In fact, to reach Bandhavgarh Fort, you have to pass through this beautiful and stunning place.

Extravagant Living

The Bandhavgarh reserve is spread over a massive area of 1536 sq km! The park offers several accommodation options to augment the experience of the tourists. The hotels are primarily divided into four categories, namely, the high-end hotels, the luxury resorts, the deluxe resorts and the budget hotels. Luxury resorts are the most popular followed by the deluxe versions for tourists have access to all types of extravagant amenities without having to empty their banks to stay here. Most of the luxury resorts arrange for bonfire evenings complemented with stunning performances to give the visitors a complete experience of the park.

Shopping in the Bandhavgarh Market

Bandhavgarh has more to offer other than its stunning wildlife setting. There is a market just outside the park where you will find numerous small shops selling souvenirs. From t-shirts to wildlife books, postcards to wooden toys, you can find exquisite and unique items here. There are several photographers who sell pictures of the tigers clicked inside the park at an affordable price. When in Bandhavgarh, do not forget to buy yourself this amazing collection of gifts.

Trekking to Bandhavgarh Fort

You cannot miss the trekking trip to Bandhavgarh Fort that is located right in the center of the park. The one-hour trek to the fort is beauty personified. The fort is situated on a hill with an altitude of 811 meters above the sea level. It is necessary to have a guide accompany you as the trail traverses the national park and the chances of getting lost are high. The Bandhavgarh Fort is almost 2000 years old and has its own historical significance. There are several caves in the fort which are adorned with magnificent paintings and scripts. There is a statue of Lord Vishnu towering at 35 feet. If you want to know more about this region and its rich history, a trek to the fort is a must.

While these might seem like a part of the park itinerary, there is much to indulge in outside the park as well. You can visit the Bamera dam or experience the rustic setting at Tala village. Visiting the Bandhavgarh National Park is an experience you will not forget. Be it the setting or the wildlife, this national park should be on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your holiday today with popular travel agents today.