Madhya Pradesh is called the Heartland of India for a reason. Situated smack in the middle of the country, the state is surrounded by hills, lands, waterbodies and dense forests from all sides. The state offers the perfect respite from the daily struggles and troubles that one finds himself embroiled in, providing a sense of calm that is longed for. The tourism industry of Madhya Pradesh has been thriving for years now thanks to the numerous attractions and sites that travelers find compelled to fill their itineraries with. Be it the pull of the greens that cover most of the land or the promise of exotic animals that inhabit the national parks and sanctuaries, rest assured knowing that the heart of Incredible India has something on offer for everyone.

One of the most popular cities in Madhya Pradesh is inarguably Jabalpur that has all the sights and sounds that you associate the state with. The place has strong religious affiliations as it finds a mention in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The famous city of Jabalpur has derived its name from Jabali after the wise sage who played a crucial role in the story of Ramayana. Jabalpur fell under the British rule and was called Jabalipuram after it was passed from the hands of the Mauryas, Satavahans, Guptas and the Marathas. The city is well connected through air and land with the Dumna Airport situated almost 20kms from the city and the NH 7 highway that runs throughout the city. Jabalpur tourism packages can be looked into and checked out through travel organisers to make the most of the trip while you are there. Have a look at the sites that you can treat your friends and family with during your days in Jabalpur:

1. Take A Dip To Wash Yourself Off Of Your Sins

You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you manage to partake in the Narmada Pushkaram festival that is stretched over 12 days and is celebrated every 12 years. Thousands of devotees make their way to the River Narmada during this time to take a dip in the holy waters of Narmada that promises to wash away the sins.

2. Ride Through The Marble Rocks

The marble rocks of Bhedaghat are undoubtedly one of the most famous sites to visit for almost every traveler. These marble rocks are naturally formed and a boat ride amidst these rocks makes for a surreal experience. And what’s more, you just might chance upon fossils if you look closely enough.

3. Lose Yourself In The Gwarighat Gurudwara

It is said that Guru Nanak who is the founder of Sikhism had made several stops here to deliver sermons. The Gwarighat has since then earned the status of an extremely important site for the Sikhs and had a Gurudwara ( a Sikh temple) built to mark his visit. Do not forget to witness the mesmerizing “Narmada Aarti” at “Gwarighat”, the bank of the Holy Narmada.

4. Experience The Wonders Inside The Madan Mahal Fort

The Madan Mahal Fort was conceptualised to be a military base with a watchtower in the 11 th Century by Madan Singh, a Gond ruler. It is situated at a height of 500 metres on upon a hill and travelers often find themselves lost amidst the secret passageways, reservoirs and rooms and remain in awe of the spectacular sculptures that serve as a call back to the glorious past.

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