15 Days Tour Itinerary for Madhya Pradesh

Tour Theme : 15 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh
In :Jabalpur
Out : Jabalpur
Destinations covered : Jabalpur,Bheraghat,Kanha,Pachmarhi,Satpura,Sanchi,Bhopal,Ujjain,Mandu,Omkareshwar,Maheshwar & Indore
Jungle Safari’s : 02 jungle safari in Kanha | 01 jungle safari & Speed Boat ride in Satpura





14 nights & 15 days | “Incredible Madhya Pradesh “ Experience

Madhya Pradesh can be said to be the microcosm of India, for the land reflects the glory of India in many ways. These can relate to the architectural grandeur of its palaces, temples and mosques, the natural beauty surrounding the Vindhyas and other regions, the prehistoric art at places like Bhimbetka, the pilgrimage centres of Amarkantak, Chitrakoot and others, and the adventure trail of the tiger sanctuaries to name a few. For those with a spiritual bent of mind and in the quest for peace and tranquility, the land of Sanchi can be an added attraction in the Madhya Pradesh tourism circuit.
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The qualified Tour Guides of i4u Travel Services take you to the iconic sights and attractions of Madhya Pradesh – the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna & Satpura, heritage destinations like Khajuraho, Orchha, Sanchi & Mandu.
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Day 01 | Arrive Jabalpur | Bheraghat ( Marble Rocks )
Meet & Greet with our associate at Jabalpur airport / railway station.
Board our vehicle & proceed for your hotel in Bheraghat ( 25 kms | 1 hr drive ).
Arrive Bhedaghat & after c/in & rest, proceed to visit the magnificient “Dhuadhar Waterfalls”. Avail the cable car ride ( by self ). The cable car offers fine glimpses of the falls as well as the river.
Also avail the thrilling boat ride ( by self ). The boat ride is an once in a lifetime experience where you sail amidst the white pristine marble rocks. The marble rocks of Bhedaghat are undoubtedly one of the most famous sites to visit for almost every traveler. These marble rocks are naturally formed and a boat ride amidst these rocks makes for a surreal experience. And what’s more, you just might chance upon fossils if you look closely enough.
Rest of the day at leisure.
Overnight Bheraghat.

Day 02 | Kanha National Park
Early morning, visit Chausath Yogini Temples.
The Chausath Yogini Temple is one of the oldest heritage sites in India. It was built in the 10th Century AD by the Kalachuri kingdom and and was mainly made with local granite. Mughal invaders, later on, destroyed and deformed this temple
It has a distinct resemblance to the temples of Khajuraho in structure.The temple is the abode of Goddess Durga along with 64 yoginis. A Yogini is a female attendant of the mother goddess, who slays illusion with fiery passion through insight and liberation.It is located near the river Narmada and the famous Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat, some 17 km from Jabalpur, Madhya pradesh.Though the temple has been partially damaged, it speaks greatly of the ancient dynasties that ruled in Jabalpur.
The Chausath Yogini Temple is placed on a hill top overlooking the river Narmada. One has to climb 150 plus steps to reach the temple. The temple looks beautiful in sunlight and inside the idols of the Mother Goddess and Lord Shiva lend a divine aura.The complex of the temple consists of 95 shrines which includes 64 Yoginis in circular fashion around the temple, one for each yoginis and a main shrine where Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati are seen riding on Nandi, the sacred bull. The design of the temple has been kept simple but the idols of yoginis are exquisitely carved, each one depicting a unique posture.
Post breakfast, c/out & proceed for Kanha National Park ( 180 kms | 4 hrs drive ).
Arrive Kanha National Park & the day at leisure.
Overnight Kanha National Park.

Day 03 | Kanha National Park
Enjoy your morning & afternoon excursion at Kanha National Park. We pick & drop you from your resort after the excursion.
Kanha National Park is the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh & a feast for the eyes for wildlife enthusiasts.
An epitome of conservation,successful rehabilitation of the Hard ground Swamp Deer ( Barasingha ) speaks about the dedication & efforts of the forest dept as well as the local population.
It is also the first tiger reserve in India to officially introduce a mascot, “Bhoorsingh the Barasingha”.
Overnight Kanha National Park.

Day 04 | Pachmarhi
Post breakfast, proceed for Pachmarhi ( 320 kms | 7 hrs drive ).
Arrive Pachmarhi, c/in at your resort & the day at leisure.
Overnight Pachmarhi.

Day 05 | Pachmarhi
After a refreshing breakfast, hop in our customized 4×4 all terrain vehicle to explore Pachmarhi.
Situated at 1100 m, Pachmarhi, designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is also popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ (Queen of Satpura), sits beautifully, embellished by nature and history, amidst the Satpura range. Legend says the Pandava brothers visited Pachmarhi during their exile.
This beautiful region in the hills, was discovered by Captain James Forsyth in 1857. This most popular hill station of Madhya Pradesh is a treasure with ancient caves of the Buddhist era residing in harmony with serene waterfalls.
Pachmarhi is sure to make you feel calm, the way you felt when you put your bare feet on the garden grass for the first time, as a child.
Overnight Pachmarhi.

Day 06 | Satpura National Park
Post breakfast, c/out & proceed for Satpura National park ( 95 kms | 2.2 hrs drive ).
Arrive Satpura National Park, c/in & the day at leisure.
Overnight Satpuraa National Park.

Day 07 | Satpura National Park
Post breakfast, c/out & proceed for Satpura National park ( 95 kms | 2.2 hrs drive ).
Arrive Satpura National Park, c/in & the day at leisure.
Overnight Satpuraa National Park.
Early morning, you will be met by our associate who will assist you to reach the boat jetty, board the speed boat & cross the Denwa river. After the necessary forest formalities, board our customized 4×4 vehicle to explore the flora & fauna of Satpura National Park
Avail the morning safari in the core area.
Madhai is located at the entrance of the most exquisite and beautiful forests in India – Satpura. Few places in the world can compete with its raw wilderness, absolute tranquillity and the air of mystique. It delights you with its rich wildlife, sprawling meadows, unending backwaters and spell-binding views that leave you awestruck and get you to be completely in sync with the magic of nature.
Early evening, you will taken to the jetty for an exclusive speed boat ride on the Denwa river.
The river is a primary habitat of migratory birds & a speed boat ride is a wonderful way to be close to them. You will also be taken deep inside the forest & you can witness wildlife too.
Rest of the day at leisure.
Overnight Satpura National Park.

Day 08 | Sanchi
After a refreshing breakfast,c/out & proceed for Sanchi ( 160 kms | 4 hr drive ).
In between, we stop at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters.
“Bhimbhetka Rock Shelters”, a UNESCO World Heritage site
Is an archaeological treasure, Bhimbetka has around 243 rock shelters. The paintings found in the rock shelters here have a striking resemblance to the ones discovered in Kakadu National Park in Australia; to the cave paintings of Bushmen in Kalahari Desert and Upper Palaeolithic Lascaux cave paintings in France.
Cave paintings dating back to approximately 30,000 years. Rock shelters that were home to humans, millennia ago. And a rich flora and fauna surrounding these, indeed, make Bhimbetka a gift to us from our earliest ancestors.
A walkthrough these ancient naturally carved rocks surrounded by dense forests of Bhimbetka will bring alive child-like wonder in you.
Bhimbetka is inside Ratapani Sanctuary and has a sole food joint called Hotel Highway Treat managed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism.
Have your lunch at Highway Treat, Bhimbhetka ( MP Tourism Motel ).
Later,proceed for Sanchi ( 90 kms | 1.5 hrs drive ).
Arrive Sanchi & after c/in, proceed to witness the “Light & Sound Show”.
The town of Sanchi is synonymous with Buddhist Stupas – hemispherical structures typically containing relics of the Buddha or his followers. The Stupas of Sanchi were constructed on the orders of Emperor Ashoka to preserve and spread the Buddhist philosophy. Sanchi has been protecting these beautiful and sacred architectural wonders, just the way these wonders have been safeguarding ancient history and art of the Mauryan period.
The numerous stupas, temples, monasteries and an Ashokan pillar have been the focus of interest and awe for global audiences as well. In fact, UNESCO has given the status of ‘World Heritage Site’ to the Mahastupa.
Rest of the day at leisure.
Overnight Sanchi.

Day 09 | Bhopal
After a refreshing breakfast,c/out & proceed for Udayagiri caves ( 10 kms | 20 mikns drive ).
The Udayagiri Caves are twenty rock-cut caves near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh from the early years of the 5th century CE.They contain some of the oldest surviving Hindu temples and iconography in India. One of India’s most important archaeological sites, the Udayagiri hills and its caves are protected monuments managed by the Archaeological Survey of India.
Udayagiri caves are notable for the ancient monumental relief sculpture of Vishnu in his incarnation as the man-boar Varaha, rescuing the earth symbolically represented by Bhudevi clinging to the boar’s tusk as described in Hindu mythology (Cave No 5).
Have a relaxed lunch at MPT Jungle Camp, Udaygiri & proceed for Bhopal ( 50 kms | 1 hrs drive ).
Arrive Bhopal & after c/in, proceed for local sight seeing.
Split by a pair of lakes, Bhopal is two cities within a city. Two starkly contrasting cityscapes.
Towards the North you have the old city, a fascinating area of mosques, serpentine alleys, chowks, milling crowds, exotic havelis and crowded bazaars.
South of the two lakes is the new Bhopal. Modern, with wide roads, upmarket shopping complexes, and plush hotels and restaurants nestled comfortably in the Arera and Shamla Hills, which overlook the lakes and the old city beyond. The central district is known as New Market.
Both Bhopals enamor you in their own way and vie to bring out the child within you.
Enjoy dinner at the Wind & Waves restaurant which offers spectacular view of the lake.
Overnight Bhopal.

Day 10 | Ujjain
After a refreshing breakfast, proceed for Ujjain ( 200 kms | 3.5 hrs drive )
Arrive Ujjain & after c/in, proceed for local sight seeing.
Visit the “Mahakaleshwar Temple” which is dedicated to the largely revered God – Lord Shiva. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India and is designed just as intricately as the other 11 are.
Also visit the Kal Bhairav Temple which is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, and Kal Bhairava is the most important among the eight Bhairavas. If ancient scriptures are to be believed, Kal Bhairav temple is said to be related with the Tantra cult, a secret religious sect who thrived upon black magic.
The other temples to visit are Ram Mandir Chat, Harsiddhi Temple, Pir Matsyendranath, Kaliadeh Palace & the Jantar Mantar.
Should you wish, you can visit the Mahakal temple early in the morning the next day for Darshan.
Overnight Ujjain.

Day 11 | Mandu
After a refreshing breakfast, proceed for Mandu ( 150 kms | 3 hr drive ).
Arrive Mandu & after c/in, proceed for local sight seeing.
Floating over it’s own reflection, the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu looks like a ship that’s about to sail. However, for centuries this ship made of stone and mortar never did. Instead, it stood floating over the twin lakes, bearing a silent witness to Mandu’s long, rich and varied history.
The city of Mandu is adorned with spell-binding Afghan architecture surrounded by baobab trees, native to Africa. The grand palaces are still alive with royal romance while the gateways (darwazas) speak of a history of imperial conquests. A walk through Mandu will leave you awe-struck, the way you used to be listening to stories from grandparents.
Overnight Mandu.

Day 12 | Mandu
Full day to explore Mandu.
You can also visit the Bagh caves 130 kms | 2.5 hrs drive ).
Overnight Mandu.

Day 13 | Omkareshwar
After a refreshing breakfast, proceed for Maheshwar ( 40 kms | 1 hrs drive ).
Arrive Omkareshwar & proceed for local sight seeing.
One of the holiest shrines in the whole of India, the Omkareshwar or Omkar Mandhata temple is one of the twelve revered jyothirlingas in India. The temple is situated on an island called Mandhata, located at the meeting point of the rivers Narmada and Kaveri.
Also visit the Kedareshwar Temple, Siddhanath Temple & end the day with a “Parikrama on the Island”. According to Hindu mythology, a walk around any positive source of energy provides one with positive energy too. It is considered to be a sacred thing and what better way to do it than a parikrama across the entire island.
You can have lunch at MPT Temple View, a beautifully located resort by MP Tourism.
Later,proceed for Omkareshwar ( 65 kms | 1 hr drive ).
Arrive Omkareshwar & after c/in, proceed for local sight seeing.
Situated on the banks of river Narmada, Maheshwar appeals to both, the pilgrim as well as the tourist in you. The town possesses a treasure trove of beautiful temples that calm the soul, alongside man-made creations that please the eyes.
A centre of handloom weaving since the 5th century, Maheshwar has been producing the exquisite Maheshwari saris and fabric. The town also holds the distinction of being the capital of Rajmata Ahilya Devi Holkar’s empire during the 18th century.
This historic town weaves spirituality and folklore with the beauty of nature and Maheshwari saris, bringing alive child-like awe in you.
Overnight Omkareshwar.

Day 14 | Indore
After a refreshing breakfast, proceed for Indore ( 90 kms | 2 hrs drive ).
Arrive Indore, c/in & after rest, proceed for local site seeing.
We take you to “Rajwada” which was constructed by the Holkars, who belonged to the Maratha Dynasty, around two centuries ago. It is a seven storied structure which is located near the Chhatris and serves as an excellent example of royal grandeur and architectural skills. The Rajwada Palace fascinate locals as well as travelers who visit Indore, and it is not uncommon to find huge crowds at the palace at all times of the day. A huge garden greets you at the entrance, and the path then leads on to the beautifully crafted palace, which never fails to mesmerize tourists.
Nestled between the crowded streets of the Kajuri Bazar and facing the main square of the city, the Rajwada palace also faces a well-maintained garden that houses a statue of Queen Ahilya Bai, an artificial waterfall and some beautiful fountains. Even after all these years, the palace continues to be one of the most famous tourist spots in Indore and is one of the oldest structures too.
Also visit the Lal Bagh Palace, Khajrana Ganesh temple & indulge yourself in shopping as well treating yourself at the gastronomical capital of India by visiting the night market of “Chappan Dukan” & “Sarafa”.
Overnight Indore.

Day 15 | Adieu “Madhya Pradesh”
Have a relaxed breakfast, c/out & proceed for Indore railway station / airport to catch your train / flight for home feeling contented about a memorable holiday spend at “Madhya Pradesh : The Heart of Incredible India”.

Inclusions :
• All transfers
• Accommodations
• Meals as per APAI plan
• Jungle Safari